Welcome to Sound Reading Foundations

Sound Reading Foundations springs from what many struggling readers find difficult, the sounds in words: hearing them, knowing the letters that correspond with the sounds, putting those sounds on paper to make words, sounding through words. Instruction focuses on providing the tools students need to be successful readers, writers and spellers, and to engage actively in their learning and in the world.

The name, Sound Reading Foundations, uses the concept of multiple meanings that words sometimes have. Students who struggle with literacy may have difficulty when they come upon a word that uses a meaning they don't know. Sound may mean solid or strong; it may mean the phonemes, or sounds, that we hear in words; it may also mean a body of water as in Puget Sound.

"Each individual brings something of unrepeatable dignity and goodness into the world, no matter who they are or where they come from."

- Dr. Jeff Rediger